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Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics Pvt. Ltd.


Position Details

Position Code: M'bai/Pune_0118
Position Name: Engineer / Sr. Engineer
Function: Sales & Marketing
Locations: Mumbai / Pune
Division: UPS
Academic Qualification: B.E. / Diploma (Electronics/Electrical/Instrument)
Experience: 2 - 7 years
Preferred Knowledge: 1. Managing key accounts 2. Product & Company presentation 3. Commercial matters / Negotiation 4. ISO 5. Understanding drawing / Specifications.
Job Description: 1. Booking 2. Billing 3. Exploring new customer 4. Meeting the customers during pre bid stage submitting technical and budgetary offer submitting the tender. 5. Meeting existing customer to know their expansion plans. 6. Meeting contracts. 7. Maintain good contribution. 8. Timely collection of payment. 9. Collection C form & closing the sales call. 10. Meeting customer needs. 11. Ensuring customer satisfaction. 12. Training in market development.
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Mr. Kapil Bijani - Vice President, Human Resources Department
Mr. Kapil Bijani - Vice President, Human Resources Department

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