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Hitachi in India
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Manufacturing Facility Inaugurated by Shri Chimanbhai Patel, a former Chief Minister of Gujarat in 1989
1984 Pioneered manufacturing of Low Voltage Variable Frequency Drives in India;
Technology Collaboration with Ramsey Controls and Square D of USA
1987 Started manufacturing Transistorized UPS Systems; amongst first in India
1989 Technical and Financial collaboration with Cyberex Inc of USA for UPS Systems
1992 Collaboration with Reliance Electric for Drives and Automation
1994 The First UPS Manufacturer in India to be awarded ISO 9001 in October 1994
1997 Launched i4 brand of Single Phase UPS Systems
2001 Established alliance with Vacon of Finland for Low Voltage Drive solutions
2007 Started marketing Diesel Rotary UPS (DRUPS) - alliance with Hitec of Holland
2009-10 UPS exports (alliance with Thomas and Betts);
Launched 3 phase UPS product,
Medium Voltage Drives marketing alliance with Hitachi;
2011 Alliance partner of Hitachi Ltd., Japan
2012 Sanand Plant Inauguration, The First Most Modern Power Electronics Manufacturing Facility in India
Launched Medium Voltage Drives HIVECTOL - HVI – E
Launched Low Voltage Drives SJ 700
2013 Launched Steel Automation Drives systems
Launched HIVERTER-NP201i Series - Solar Inverters
Delivered more than 7000 units of Industrial UPS world wide
2014 Launched 200 V Class and 400 V Class NE-S1 Inverters and New Micro EHV+PLC
Launched Megawatt Scale HIVERTER-NP201i Series Solar Inverters
2015 Hitachi taken 100% stake in Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics. Now a 100% Hitachi Group Company
Launched i4et Series UPS system
Introduced PV Power Station (Containerized Solution) for Solar PV Plants
Launched i6e Series UPS system.
2016 Launched HH Series Low Voltage Drives, HMI & PLC
Implemented latest edition of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.
2018 Launched i4eti Series UPS
Launched i6et Series UPS
2019 Launched HIVERTER Si Series Grid Tied String Inverter
2021 Launched HIVERTER-NP215i Series 2.5 MW (1500 VDC) Solar Central Outdoor Inverter