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Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics Private Limited

Pioneer in Power ElectronicsUPS,
Solar Inverters &
Air Compressors


UPS, an Uninterruptible Power Supply, also Uninterruptible Power Source, is an Electrical Apparatus that provides Emergency Power to a load when the Input Power Source, typically...


Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), also termed as Variable Speed Drive or AC Variable Frequency Drives, is a type of Adjustable Speed Drive used in Electro-Mechanical Drive Systems...

Grid Tied Solar Inverters

The Hitachi Solar Inverters is a Grid Tied (GT) Solar Inverters with Reactive Power Control and High Efficiency, which is the heart of the Solar Power Generating System.

Air Compressors

Hitachi Sullair products are known around the world for their universally applicable design, outstanding craftsmanship and superior quality.