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Hitachi in India
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Hitachi Hi-Rel’s Grid Tied Solar Inverters are based on the contemporary technology of Hitachi Ltd, Japan. Currently Hitachi branded Solar Inverters are generating more than 5.5 GW renewable power in Global Solar Domain as well as more than 3 GW+ renewable power in Indian Solar Domain.

Hitachi Solar Inverters are the best available Grid Tied Solar Inverters which are high performance inverters, highly advanced & reliable, highly efficient, easy to install and safe and mainly the Heart of Solar power generating system. Hitachi Hi-Rel offers 2.5 MW Outdoor Solar Central Inverters (1500 VDC) and 250 kW to 2500 kW (1000 VDC) Solar Central Inverters as well as Solar String Inverters with 4.4 kW to 255 kW (3ph) and 1.1 kW to 6 kW (1ph).

Hitachi's Presence in Indian Solar Domain

The government of India recognizes the need of sustainable, eco-friendly and innovative recyclable resource based energy solution and with nearly 300 sunny days in India, the government through National Solar Mission is mobilizing infrastructure to create 100 Giga Watts of solar electricity generation capacity by 2022.

Hitachi Solar Inverter is a potent example, which being at the heart of Solar power generating system is bringing Social Innovation in the Indian power sector by providing the critical technological link which enabled conversion of DC to AC to help solar power distribute through the national grid. Thus, promoting clean, renewable energy and reducing the dependency on polluting fossil fuel based power generation.

With over 3 GW+ installation base in India, Hitachi Grid Tied Solar Inverters are among the best available Grid Tied Solar Inverters which are high performance inverters, highly advanced & reliable, highly efficient, easy to install, safe, helping you achieve better ROI with higher yields and lower maintenance cost.

  • State of the art manufacturing facility in India at Sanand and Gandhinagar in Gujarat,
  • Successful track record of more than 25 years in designing and manufacturing of highly efficient power electronics products
  • Commissioned >3 GW+ grid tied solar inverters in India and >5GW Globally
  • Generating unmatched energy yield through 3 level advance PWM technology
  • Comprehensive testing facility with 100% load test
  • Prompt availability of spares and components locally in India
  • Most acclaimed service support through 20+ branch offices across the country
  • Hitachi envisions a very green future, a future where by 2020, solar power can indeed form the backbone of India’s energy security and independence and we help light up millions of lives by progressively contributing to the renewable energy vision of ‘power for all’ vision of the Indian government.