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HIVERTER NP-215L Series Hitachi Solar Central Outdoor Inverters

Hitachi Hi-Rel has developed most advanced & next generation 2.5 MW Solar Central Outdoor Inverter that is suitable for 1500 V DC Solar PV system. This inverter has been thoughtfully designed keeping all the critical parameters and challenges faced by project developers in terms of ease of installations, better grid compliance & most importantly CAPEX Vs. YIELD factor.

In bigger size Solar Power Plants, it is seen that PV modules are generally installed either on a fixed or angular structure facing to the sun or sometime tracking devices are also seen installed. Hitachi Central Inverters offer cost effective solution by feeding electricity directly to medium voltage grid. This enhances effectiveness of DC energy which is getting converted in AC energy through Inverters. Hitachi offers wide range of indoor as well as outdoor Central Inverters.

  • Rated Power 2500kW @ 50 Degree Centigrade, 2700V @ 25 Degree Centigrade.
  • 3 level PWM technology to achieve maximum efficiency 99.0%
  • Single MPPT having voltage range 950V – 1300V
  • Efficient Maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
  • Latest LVRT / FRT
  • High DC overloading up to 200%’
  • BUSDUCT / cable connection option for AC connection
  • Totally Outdoor Unit - saving on civil construction, hassle free Installation
  • 25 Years reliable service life span
  • Low auxiliary power consumption due to variable fan speed as per power feeding
  • High power density 400kVA/m2
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Efficient reactive power feeding with ANPC technology