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Rooftop Solar Power Plant installations are generally seen on commercial & Industrial Building. This represents distributed power generation at very close to the consumption point. In these systems, electricity demand from the distribution network can be reduced during peak daytime hours as peak load always coincides with PV production. This is seen useful in reducing transmission demand as well as losses in the grid. Hitachi has launched complete range of string Inverters to match up system design requirements of variety of customers which can meet these applications.

Rooftop Solar Power Plants are generally installed very close to consumption point irrespective of the amount of Power Requirement. Major infrastructure cost as like cabling, transformer & switchgear is saved here in comparison to bigger size or megawatt size Solar Power Plants. This is possible with Hitachi String Inverters which covers wide variety of design needs demanded in these types of applications

  • Best suitable for heavy industries and large commercial establishments in India
  • Wide product range from 1.1 kW to 255 kW Inverters offers more flexibility as per project design
  • Real time precise MPPT algorithm to ensure highest efficiency up to up to 99.9%, max euro efficiency 98.4%
  • Up to 3 Independent MPPT to ensure optimal energy harvest
  • Intelligent grid management features
  • First of its kind IV curve diagnostics feature
  • A robust IP65 enclosure allowing hassle free outdoor installations
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Safety assured through its anti-islanding, RCMU, ground fault monitoring
  • Wide DC input range from 250V to 950V
  • Highest AC output range +/- 25%
  • Wide ambient temp range -25°C to 60°C
  • DC power overloading up to 150 %
  • Easy to read LCD display with all operational status & necessary data
  • Low sensitivity to the grid disturbance to avoid unnecessary breakdown
  • User friendly interface like RS 232 / RS 485 / Wi-Fi
  • Reactive power controller
  • Type II SPD
  • String current monitoring

More Reliability

  • Usage of only higher voltage level capacitor
  • Support four uni-polar output relays (effective heat dissipation, longer life)

Higher Efficiency

  • "T" type 3 level topology provides higher efficiency


  • Equipped with leakage current detection components
  • Use professional solar AC connectors as output

Better Monitoring

  • RS485 / Wi Fi / GPRS / Ethernet
  • Local data is recorded in SD card for 25 years
  • IV curve scanning technology, catch MPPT easily and Quickly

More Convenience

  • All information is available on a 4 large screen
  • Availability of four separate buttons gives easy operation
  • Equipped with compact ACDB&DCDB

Better Appearance

  • Die-casting housings
  • Go through anti-corrosion and anti-rust protection Processes

Intelligent Power Management

  • Fully adjustable reactive power & power factor for different grids
  • LVRT / ZVRT protections
  • Self-power reducer in case of over-frequency
  • Real time MPPT algorithm

Built-In Protection Functions

  • O/ V & U/V protection
  • Over frequency, Under-frequency
  • Over current, Over load
  • Anti-islanding, Current leakage
  • Over temperature protection
  • SPD Type III, Type II (optional)

Humanized Functions

  • Audible & visible alarming function
  • Remote system connection or disconnection
  • Remote firmware upgrade
  • Remote monitoring
  • Separate section for power & termination
Single Phase (1000 VDC) 1.1 kW / 1.6 kW / 2.2 kW / 2.7 kW / 3 kW / 3.3 kW
Three Phase (1100 VDC) 4.4 kW / 5.5 kW / 6.6 kW / 8.8 kW / 11 kW / 12 kW
20 kW / 25 kW / 30 kW / 33 kW
50 kW / 60 kW / 70 kW / 75 kW / 80 kW / 100 kW / 110 kW / 125 kW / 136 kW
Three Phase (1500 VDC) 250 kW / 255 kW