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Our State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility is based at Sanand, near Ahmedabad, in Gujarat, India, which is modelled on Hitachi's Omika Works, Japan. It is spreading over total area of about 26,000 sq. meter and manufactures wide range of power electronics products like UPS, Variable Frequency Drives, Solar Inverters, Railway Inverters and Air Compressors. Our modern Sanand Manufacturing works with facilities like designing & engineering, manufacturing and testing of power electronics products ensures highest product quality standards. Our manufacturing techniques ensure efficient and time saving method of manufacturing to meet customer requirement on shorter lead time.

Sanand manufacturing works is the world class and one of the most modern power electronics manufacturing facility in India. It is the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and is the heart of Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics. It is located at Sanand, one of the fastest developing Industrial hub of India and a dedicated Industrial park mainly for manufacturing facilities of MNCs. Neighboring plants include major MNCs like Ford Motors, Colgate, Allied Refractories, etc. Within short span of 10 months' time, Sanand manufacturing works got set th up and was inaugurated on 12 December 2012 by Hiroaki Nakanishi-san, Chairman, Representative Executive Officer and President of Hitachi Ltd. Facilities includes designing, engineering, manufacturing and testing of power electronics products.

All aspects of manufacturing, testing and quality assurance are supported by highly experienced Japanese Expats stationed at the facility. Sanand Works employs Hitachi Omika Works (Japan) based software tools for engineering and manufacturing and has one of the most advanced product testing facilities in the country.

Sanand manufacturing works is divided into five major zones named receiving area, material inward and store area, main assembly/manufacturing area, shipping area and load bank area for testing facility.

Manufacturing shop floor is with anti-static epoxy flooring, and completely air-conditioned environment (with energy saving technology), being maintained with filters, to control dust particles of size more than 5 microns. Roof & walls are being insulated to prevent heat losses & provide comfortable working environment. Ducts within the plant are circular in shape to minimize dust accumulation & improve aesthetics. Highly efficient cell manufacturing process is being assisted by 3D CAD viewer system. Specially designed "Customer Witness area" is also available for inspection by the customers. These drives products manufactured here represent the most energy efficient means of process control. Hitachi Hi-Rel's medium voltage variable frequency drives, low voltage variable frequency drives and engineered drive system (steel automation drives & process automation) reflect the best in process control.

This unit is also manufacturing UPS and power conditioning back-up systems i.e. Industrial UPS systems which is our flagship product, works as an exceptional safeguard against power disruption in the power electronics industry. It reflects the industry's ultimate in advanced technology having cutting edge IGBT based design and rugged performance. Proving themselves in mission critical applications, these industrial UPS systems lead by example.

Company also manufactures the Grid Tied Solar Inverters locally in India at this Sanand manufacturing works, which is based on the contemporary technology of Hitachi Ltd, Japan. It is suitable for multi-megawatt solar power plants and currently generating 3 GW+ renewable power in Indian Solar Domain.

Hitachi Hi-Rel also has an additional facility at Gandhinagar near Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India which is sprawled across an area of 5,000 sq. meter.

In-house Testing Facility for Drives & Solar Products

  • 5 nos. of MV drives test bays
  • 3 nos. of LV drives test bays
  • Automatic cell testing facility
  • Test 11 kW to 550 kW ratings at 340 V and 415 V drives on full power with motor load
  • Full characterization up to 1460 kW ratings at 3.3 kV and 6.6 kV drives on full power with regenerative motor load facility
  • Test up to 700A ratings at 3.3 kV, 6.6 kV and 11 kV drives on full current with reactor load, 11 kV motor test setup for 11 kV drive
  • Customer can conduct witness test from automated test command centre
  • For VFDs
    • All LV and MV test field's input and output breakers & contactors are PLC controlled
    • Load selection also PLC controlled
    • Drive input and output parameters available on PC through PLC
  • For Solar Inverters
    • 4 test benches for 1.25 MW Solar PCS testing at full capacity
    • 2 test benches for 2.5 MW Solar PCS testing at full capacity
    • 1 test bench for 3 kW to 255 kW String Inverters
    • Full load testing done with the Back to Back configuration

Fully Automated UPS Testing Facility

  • 12 test benches, can test up to 500 kVA systems, 750kVA Maximum load capacity
  • Can be configured for and up to 0.7PF to UPF
  • I/P voltage variation from 380 VAC to 480 VAC possible
  • Each test bench interfaced with PC through PLC/SCADA system
  • All testes complying IEC-62040 part-III
  • Temperature rise test results recorded automatically
  • Oven room for testing / validating products at higher ambient