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At HHPE, we believe that people are the drivers of our growth and the real reason of our success. Each and every employee's cumulative insight contributes to the company's intellectual capital. Thus it becomes important to provide such a nurturing environment and platform to employees where views can be expressed freely; thus empowering everyone equally to contribute in enhancing the share holder value. There are many avenues available in the company where employees can communicate their vision/idea and make their voice heard. This is real empowerment, isn’t it? With a team of highly talented personnel and a rich history & experience in power electronics segment for past 35 years, we keep striving to bring such innovations in our peoples practices which can inspire the next for greater good. With this view, we have tried to align our HR practices & policies with Maslow's need hierarchy model so that we cater to all facets of employee care, management & development. This model helps us to achieve sustained continuous excellence by keeping our focus intact on an environment which nurtures high spirited & happy employees and provides them conducive, growth oriented work environment.

Maslow's Need Hierarchy - HHPE Perspective

Talent Strategy

HHPE's HR talent strategy is build to facilitate a high performance oriented culture facilitating organisational growth and high spirited, happy employees contributing to it.

Talent Process (Talent Planning, Integration, Change Management, Engagement IT Systems & Measurement)

Headcount Planning

  • Long term goals, forecasting based on scenario planning
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Govt. regulations & Compliance
  • Skill Gaps

Capability Management

  • Competency Mapping
  • Competency linked, PMS & Trainings
  • Culture Building & Behaviour alignment
  • Job Descriptions
  • HRIS

Key Processes

  • Career & Performance Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Governance Audits Communication
  • Safety

Capability Development

  • Development Strategy
  • Knowledge Management
  • Evaluation & Effectiveness

Talent Acquisition

  • Sourcing Techniques - Use of Brand
  • Competency linked Recruitment
  • Job Rotation
  • Onboarding 3-D induction, Buddy
  • Smooth F&F


  • Compensation Strategy
  • Performance based pay
  • Benefits vs. Rewards
  • Recognition & Rewards basket

Analytics & Infrastructure

  • Tools, Systems & Infrastructure
  • Business Decision enabling data
  • Automation vs. Feel


Mr. Kapil Bijani - CHRO & President – IT, Human Resources Department

Mr. Kapil Bijani - CHRO & President – IT, Human Resources Department

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