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Date Oct 13, 2017

A company’s sales force is considered the key to its success. With the objective of alignment of team members on actionable sales strategies to hit revenue goals and to generate loyalty and enthusiasm around the company, Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics, pioneer in power electronics, leading manufacturer of UPS, Drives and Solar Inverters, hosted it’s three-days sales conference during 12th to 14th Oct. 2017 at Narayani Heights Hotel & Club at Ahmedabad.

This conference is a once-a-year opportunity to gather all sales people together, streamline processes and communicate valuable knowledge to the entire group. More than 55 nos. of sales team members of Industrial UPS, IT UPS, Drives and Solar Inverters business division gathered for this three-days sales conference. To address the technical, sales and service support challenges related to wide-ranging products, R&D team, service team, finance team and corporate marketing team along with key management team members also participated the event to make it a success and solution oriented event.

Content for the event was rich and detailed, with more than 35 presentations delivered by all the business vertical sales heads and their regional teams about their last 6 month sales performance, next 6 month funnel with prospective customers, market overview, major achievements, new corporate customers added in the present portfolio, lost order analysis and overall market dynamics.

This year, we wanted to elevate the experience and do something more. Our HR (Human Resource) department arranged a dedicated one day training session on “Impactful Presentation Skills” where Dr. Viral Nagori, a professional trainer from Ahmedabad, shared his experience and trained the sales team on the subject line to help them to participate more in the discussion and thereby increase the interaction and success rate exponentially. Training clearly pointed out the merits of using visual aids in addition to general talk. He clearly explained that how one can use the content meaningfully, organize presentation and enthrall the audience to the goal originally envisaged.

The purpose of this sales conference was to motivate and recognize, inform, educate and network the sales staff members as a whole and giving the sales force all the tools it needs to do its job at the highest level possible. Everyone leaves refreshed and enthusiastic. The brand loyalty and knowledge our team got from the event was apparent.