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Dates May 08, 2019
Location Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

A company’s sales force is considered the key to its success. With the objective of alignment of team members on actionable sales strategies to hit revenue goals and to generate loyalty and enthusiasm around the company, Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics hosted it’s two days sales conference on 8th & 9th May 2019 at Narayani Heights Hotel & Club at Ahmedabad for its sales team of Industrial UPS, IT & Infra UPS, Non-Core UPS, Drives, Railway and Solar Inverter business divisions.

A sales meet is a reflection of a sales call as sales people are expected to respect their customer’s time and hence company valued the time of sales team and showcased the reflection of how a good sales call should go by on time starting and ending the sales conference both the days. During this sales meet, we had nearly 70 attendees and a ton of engagement throughout the talk. Hundreds of conversations took place during this two days sales meet, and sales teammates from all over the country tuned in to participate!

Advance communication of the meeting agenda and topics to be covered helped sales team to come prepared. The meeting agenda and the flow were controlled by focusing on three foremost issues - FY18-19 sales performance, lost order analysis and sales strategy for FY19-20.

Reasonable time was also being allocated to discuss on issues like supply-chain, technical, new product or features requirement, after-sales-service, personal growth/training, manpower requirement, etc. in addition to market overview and sales team’s major achievements. Senior management also recognized star performers.

The purpose of this sales conference was to motivate and recognize, inform, educate and network the sales staff members as a whole. We’re glad that Sales Conference 2019 of Hitachi Hi-Rel was a good success. Everyone leaves refreshed and enthusiastic.