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Date Apr 20, 2022
Theme Is it worth to optimize Solar Inverter Design at the cost of Quality?

Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics Private Limited, pioneer in power electronics and a leading manufacturer of Solar Inverters, has successfully arranged the Hitachi Powered Webinar for the subject line “Is it worth to optimize Solar Inverter Design at the cost of Quality?” on 20th April 2022, Wednesday during 4 PM to 6 PM, jointly with EQ International, a leading solar publication media house, which was a LIVE programme on Facebook EQ Solar TV. There was an overwhelming response in form of approx. 100 nos. of webinar participants.

Mr. Sachin Borisa, Head of Solar Business Division of Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics, was one of the key speaker out of total 10 speakers. In his address, he undoubtedly highlighted that any solar industry player should not play with design & quality of the crucial power electronics equipment like solar inverter for the solar power plant or solar farm or with overall solar project excellence on the name of so called “Economical Solution” or a “Quick Solution” instead of looking up and solving the present need of harsh environmental circumstances for all the Indian solar installations. Such economical solutions and experiments may lead to the project reliability issues in a long term. And hence it is not worth to optimize solar inverter design at the cost of solar inverter quality.

Mr. Rabindran Sundersingh, Chief Technical Officer – Renewables of ACME Group, as a moderator, truly justified the subject line and balanced the webinar’s entire discussion towards solar inverter selection criterion including cost, features, benefits and ROI with focused approach on high power conversion. Mr. Sachin Borisa also shared that Hitachi Solar inverters score over the competition with the help of technology which we inherited from our principle in Japan which offers considerably reliable outcome of plant with an uptime more than 99.5% in addition to wide MPPT range, output current harmonics less than 3%, high efficiency levels above 99.6%, compatibility to wider ambient temperature range of -25 degrees to + 60degree Celsius & many more.

About Hitachi Hi-Rel and its offered Grid Tied Solar Inverters - Recognized as one of the pioneers in power electronics, Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics Private Limited offers highly advanced & efficient Grid Tied Solar Inverters which are currently generating more than 5.5 GW renewable power in Global Solar Domain as well as more than 3 GW+ renewable power in Indian Solar Domain. Hitachi Solar Inverters can help you achieve better ROI with higher yields and lower maintenance cost, where it is heart of any Solar power generating system. Hitachi Hi-Rel offers Solar Central Inverters (2.5 MW Outdoor Inverters with 1500 VDC and from 250 kW to 2860 kW with 1000 VDC) and Solar String Inverters (Range available from 4.4 kW to 255 kW for three phase and from 1.1 kW to 6 kW for single phase). With expertise, experience and an efficient product line, Hitachi Hi-Rel will always try to be your solar inverters partner. When you choose to do business with Hitachi Hi-Rel, you are partnering with a company who cares.