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Date Nov 30, 2023
Location Crowne Plaza, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

We are thrilled to share exciting news regarding our recent participation at the SOLAR QUARTER GUJARAT STATE BUSINESS MEET 2023, held on 30th November at Crowne Plaza, Ahmedabad City Centre, Ahmedabad.

Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics proudly served as a SESSION PARTNER at this prestigious event, where we had the opportunity to showcase and explain our cutting-edge Grid Tied Solar Inverters solutions. The highlight of our participation was the session delivered by Mr. Koustubh Mehta, General Manager of Sales and Marketing for Solar Inverters at our company.

During his presentation, Mr. Mehta shared valuable insights on how our solar inverter solutions align seamlessly with the specific needs of our target and prospective customers. This not only showcased the range and expertise embedded in our products but also provided a platform to demonstrate the tangible benefits of choosing Hitachi Solar Inverters.

The primary objectives of our participation were threefold:

  • Strengthening Hitachi's Brand Value: By actively participating as a Session Partner, we reinforced Hitachi's commitment to excellence in the renewable energy sector, further enhancing our brand reputation.
  • Spreading Awareness of Hitachi Solar Inverters: Our presence at this esteemed event allowed us to reach a wider audience and create awareness about the advanced features and benefits of Hitachi Solar Inverters.
  • Educating Prospective Customers: Mr. Mehta's session not only showcased our products but also educated prospective customers on how they can optimize energy production and maximize their savings by choosing Hitachi Solar Inverters.

This successful participation marks a significant milestone for our solar team and the company as a whole. It reflects our dedication to customer satisfaction, and leadership in the renewable energy sector.

Thank you for your continued dedication and commitment to the success of Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics.