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Dates Sep 07, 2016
Location Noida, Madhya Paradesh, India

Recently Hitachi Hi-Rel participated at REI (Renewable Energy India) Expo 2016 at Greater Noida during 7 to 9 Sept. 2016 for Solar Inverters (HIVERTER NP 201i Model, available from 250 kW - 1.25 MW) which is amongst the most popular grid tied solar inverters currently in India for its various technical advantages and major saving in EBOP. Visitors also congratulated Hitachi Hi-Rel for its truly unique achievement – a much deserved entry into 1000 MW Club (1.2 GW installed base in India as on August 2016 end,).

Hitachi Hi-Rel team thank all the members of Indian & global power electronics industry who visited their booth, admired their contribution to the industry in terms of providing competitive power electronics products & solutions and re-iterated confidence in quality of their products and services.