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Hitachi in India
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Exhibition Details
Dates Sep 20, 2017
Location Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, India
Attractions PV Inverter Station Prototype

Recently Hitachi Hi-Rel participated at REI (Renewable Energy India) Expo 2017 at Greater Noida during 20 to 22 Sept. 2017 for Solar Inverters (HIVERTER NP201i Model, available from 250 kW - 2.5 MW), PV Inverter Station and PV Inverter Container which is amongst the most popular grid tied solar inverters currently in India for its various technical advantages and major saving in EBOP. Visitors also congratulated Hitachi Hi-Rel for its truly unique achievement – Over 2 GW Supply in India.

Hitachi Hi-Rel team thank all the members of Indian & global power electronics industry who visited booth, admired their contribution to the industry in terms of providing competitive power electronics products & solutions and re-iterated confidence in quality of products and services.