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The new IGBT based PWM under slung Inverter for Railway AC Coaches from Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics using latest technology 8-bit microcontroller is successful development of energy supply system for Railway rolling stack application. The Under Slung Inverter provided by us is used for supplying power to the AC Package Unit for air conditioning of AC Coaches. The unit consists of the following basic section:

  • I/P Switch Gear
  • Booster and Filter
  • Inverter
  • Protections
  • 25kVA Under Slung Inverter
  • Metering and Indication

This 25 kVA Under Slung inverter has been specially developed for supplying power to the AC Package Unit for air conditioning of Railway AC Coaches. The design and development of these compact and rugged power supply units was carried out, in-house at Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics. These units have undergone rigorous test for vibration (3 Dimension), damp heat and dry heat conditions and stand out for their extreme reliability under roughest environmental conditions.

  • Fully Controlled, IGBT Based Inverter
  • Efficiency 93%
  • LED Indications for Faults
  • Log Facility for last 999 faults and USB Communication Port provided for downloading fault data
  • On Board Display Panel with IP 20 degree of protection and Fault Reset Push button to clear fault
  • Input Withstanding Capacity up to 200 V without any damage
  • Operating Temperature up to 55° C
  • Natural Cooling
  • Fast Response
  • High Reliability
  • Reduced Hardware and Maintenance-Friendly Device Design
  • Excellent Operator Interface as well as Fault Storage