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Scroll compressor is a compressor which compresses air to gyrate two scroll-like heads. This design reduces the pulsing motion and vibration during operation, resulting in low noise and low vibration.

Hitachi's history of success and proven experience in Scroll Technologies has enabled Worldwide Innovation in building the World's First Scroll for air compression. With over 20+ years experience in scroll compression, our quest for improvement is evident in the design and our application. To initiate compression, two scroll members comprised of: 1) Orbiting scroll member and 2) Fixed scroll member are mated to create compression chambers. The continual rotary movement of the orbiting scroll member compresses air from the atmosphere creating Oil-Free and Contaminant-Free air for the discriminating compressed air application.

Hitachi's patented wrap design with Labyrinth seal provides superior performance and reliability. Alumite surface treatment also contributes to extended scroll life.

Hitachi Oil-Free Scroll Technology is 100% Oil-Less-NO Oil At All ! This results in a package that has zero harmful emissions into the environment. High performance air cooling system stabilizes discharge temperature.