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Hitachi Hi-Rel offers a unique solution called UMPS (Uninterrupted Motive Power Supply) which carries out the function of providing power to load in case of blackout while at the same time does not require to be oversized in its rating. This is also an energy efficient solution as compared to conventional UPS.

Uninterrupted Motive Power Supply (UMPS) is the most reliable concept of providing Uninterrupted Power Backup to 3ph motor loads. In case of normal power availability, the UMPS continues to give on-line 3ph power to critical motor loads with double conversion of power and the batteries are also charged. In case of power failure, the charged battery continues to feed the motor through controlled inverter without any interruption to the load. The backup time is decided by the load and AH capacity of the battery.

  • Efficient way to support Induction Motor Loads during Total Black Out
  • Technically Superior Solution as compared to Standard UPS.
  • Static Switch ensures Changeover of Load to Battery during Black Out
  • Ensures Constant RPM till Battery Drains
  • Cold Start even during Blackouts (Optional)

Display Parameters

  • Front panel indications along with alpha numeric display unit shows the backup and motor related parameters
  • Output Current
  • Output Frequency
  • Output Voltage
  • DC Link Voltage
  • Motor RPM


  • Output short circuit
  • Motor overload
  • Single phase at motor end
  • Under voltage at input
  • Over temperature in the motor (Optional)
  • Deep discharge of the battery
  • Battery overcharge protections
  • Output phase to ground short circuit
  • Single phase at Input of the system
  • Over temperature in the inverter system
  • Over temperature of the transformers (Optional)

Battery Charger Functions

  • The system consists of 3 PH Input charger depending on the size of the battery
  • Charger operates in constant voltage current limit mode
  • It is compatible with all types of batteries
  • Charger provides various options for float/equalize /boost / first time charging requirements
  • Charger efficiency is >95%, including transformer losses in the input
  • 12 pulse charger option available

Battery Compatibility

  • SMFB
  • LATB
  • Ni-Cad
  • VRLA
  • Over sizing of the unit is not required.
  • Provides uninterrupted power operation to the motor during brownout and blackout of the input supply. The backup time during loss of Input will vary with the size of the battery bank Installed.
  • The motor starting current is limited to 110% to 150% of FLA depending on the application.
  • Smooth starting of the load avoids jerk to mechanical parts, reducing maintenance.
  • Motor speed remains constant even if input frequency or voltage changes.
  • Motor speed remains constant, improving quality of output process and throughput.
  • Huge energy savings potential can be exploited by varying the motor speed.
  • Static switch permits use of battery power only when required. This ensures longer back up time & extended cyclic life of the batteries. It also protects the batteries from deep discharge.
  • Cold start of the load is possible even in the absence of grid power. (Optional)
  • In the event, the Input voltage does not revert to normal limits the system provides an alarm after a pre-determine time. In case the situation continues the system will go into the safe shut down mode after the lapse of pre-determine back up time.
  • Normally the batteries will be fully charged again, within a maximum of 8 to 10 hours to provide, designed power backup. However, battery sizing can provide additional cycle of power backup, under power loss conditions, within 8 to 10 hours also. Actual recharge Is lower in case of lesser backup time or lower load condition.
  • No need for separate hardware for motor protection.