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Hitachi WJ200 Series AC Variable Frequency Drives available in 200 & 400 V Class and single phase input to three phase output. The WJ200 Variable Frequency Drive comes with an integrated auto-tuning function for easy sensorless vector control that realizes high starting torque of 200% or greater, suitable for a variety of applications.

  • Compact Inverter
  • 3-Phase 400V Class
  • Offers Industry leading performance
  • Conformity to global standards
  • Offers ease of use, ease of maintenance, environmental friendliness, various versatile functions
  • High starting torque of 200% or greater achieved using sensor less vector control
  • Dual rating - heavy and normal duty
  • Trip avoidance functions.
  • Minimum time deceleration function, over-current suppression and DC bus AVR functions are included as standard.
  • Simple positioning control
  • Induction motor & Permanent magnet motor* control with one inverter series

  • Easy sequence programming function
  • Safety stop function
  • Long life time for wearing parts
  • Easy to remove cooling fan
  • Life time warning function
  • EU RoHS compliant
  • Improvement of environment
  • Micro surge voltage suppress function
  • Network compatibility & External ports
  • Easy to configure
  • Ease of wiring
  • Side-by-side installation
  • Built-in BRD circuit
  • Conformity to global standards CE, UL, c-UL, c-Tick approvals