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Hitachi Hi-Rel offers Industrial UPS for 3Ø Input - 1Ø Output System with i4 Series Industrial UPS ranging from 5 kVA to 250 kVA, tailored to your needs along with standard products.

Its single phase i4 Series Industrial UPS sit between an AC outlet and an electronic device to provide Power Conditioning, Power Backup Protection, and Distribution for electronic equipment loads. It also prevents Power Disturbances (Outages, Sags, Surges, Spikes, Noise, etc.) from affecting the performance and life of the electronic device and vital data.

Its single phase i4 Series Industrial UPS has been designed to perform under extreme operating conditions that normally exist in industrial environments. The use of Digital Signal Processors (DSP) has made the control loop of the Uninterruptible Power Supply (IGBT UPS) very stable, drift free and with better HMI for monitoring, control and precise settings of parameters. High speed CAN Bus interfaced sections make the system response very fast to handle the extreme transient load conditions. Intelligent power device with sandwich bus architecture makes the systems highly efficient and reliable.

Hitachi Hi-Rel serves entire gamut of Industries along with commercial establishments like Power, Oil & Gas, Steel & Metal, Cement, Fertilizer, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Chemical, Automotive, Plastic, Packaging, Aluminium, Water, FMCG, Hospital, Airports, Infrastructure Projects, IT, Medical Lab, Minerals, Mining, Paper, Printing, Railway, Sugar, Telecom, Engineering and other Light Industries.

  • Cutting Edge IGBT based Design
  • Fully Digital Control Logic
  • Easy Monitoring through LCD Display with Fault Logging Capability
  • Battery Health Monitoring Feature Available
  • Interfacing Capability via MODBUS, PROFIBUS, SNMP Communication Protocols
  • Input Circuit Breakers
  • Six Pulse, Full Bridge, Phase Controlled Thyristorised Rectifiers / Charger
  • Programmable Automatic Two Stage Charger compatible with NiCd, Plante, Tubular and VRLA Batteries
  • Battery Reverses Polarity Protection
  • Battery Earth Leakage Protection
  • Built-in Advanced Battery Management System
  • DSP based Digital Control and Redundant Control Power Supply
  • Highly Efficient, Latest and Intelligent Power Device based Inverter
  • High Branch Fuse Clearing Ability (30% of FLA)
  • Comprehensive LED Mimic
  • LCD Display Keypad Interface
  • Date and Time stamped Event Recording for last 999 Alarms
  • Programming and Monitoring of Various System Parameters
  • Insensitive of Phase Rotation
  • Make before Break Bypass Operation
  • Terminals suitable for Industrial Armoured Power Cable
  • Default RS485 Port