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AS Series Sullair Oil Lubricated Air Compressor

  • AS Series Air Compressors designed for tough Asian Conditions.
  • Capacity Range from 4 kW to 110 kW

Fluid-air Separation System

  • Large capacity and highly efficient fluid-air separator with special design inside, multistate separation to make good separation result.
  • The pressure decreased slowly and saving almost 1% power consumption.

Air Inlet Regulating Valve

  • Decrease the times of load and unload, low running cost.
  • Longer life for seldom impulsive load.

Air Capacity Regulation

  • Realize compressor air discharge capacity with demand 0% - 100% stepless regulation.
  • Better meet the air demand of customer to save energy consumption.

High Efficiency Cooling System

  • Oversized cooler, huge design margin, cooler heat dissipation area is one third bigger than ordinary cooler.
  • High cooling efficiency, effectively extend the life of fluid and lower running cost.

High Efficiency Motor

  • Good Heat dissipation capacity, B class temperature rise, insulation and not easy aging.
  • High quality bearings with small erosion for longer life to ensure long-tern continuous trouble-free operation.

Elastic Coupling

  • Avoiding impulsive load, high efficient driving and reliable operation.
  • Install or remove the element radially and easy to maintain for shaft seal.

Compressor Air-End

  • Patented design, low noise and high quality bearing ensures the Air-End stability and longer life.
  • BFR (Bearing Fluid Reservoirs) ensure the compressor with excellent function for startup and on load performance.

Outstanding Screw Rotors

  • The screw rotors manufactured by matching possess excellent consumption efficiency.
  • The design of slot line and pitch line reduces the inner leakage.

Microcomputer Controller

  • Temperature, pressure and other specifications can be displayed and warned in real time.
  • Failure logging query to make maintenance and analysis easily.
  • LCD screen and simple and easy to control and access.

Sullair Special Fluid

  • High oxidative stability with longer life.
  • Good compatibility with system, lower operation cost.
  • High temperature stability, used widely.
  • Low solidifying point ensures good performance.

Concern for the Environment

Sullair not only focuses on providing high efficiency air compressors product, also committed to environmental protection. Sullair AS series air compressor has the following environmental performance.

  • Fully-sealed protection pan will avoid the compressor fluid spatter during maintenance to protect the environment.
  • The core of fluid filter is of non-metallic design that can be disposed easily with low processing cost.
  • The specialized optimized lubrication system, low fluid consumption reduces use costs and disposal waste fluid cost.
  • Air-End, motor and other component use rubber absorber effectively reduce the shaking intensity and reduce the noise.