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LS Series Sullair Oil Lubricated Air Compressor

  • LS Series Air Compressor are Designed for high durability and tough conditions.
  • Capacity Range from 90 kW to 400 kW


Sullair rotary screw compressor uses high precision rotor with matching process, through rotate of rabbet joint line of positive rotor's gear root and pitch line of negative rotor's gear top to make oil slick quickly and reduce internal leak. At meantime, Sullair choose high quality bearing with patented design, low noise and long design life, the design for bearing lubricant storage guaranteed lubricant at start moment, reduces dry friction efficiently and extended working life of Air-End.

Cooling Fan System

Cooling fan system is two efficient and low noise fans which are driven by two energy efficient motors. Nonwelded connection of independent oil cooler and after cooler can effectively avoid contact surface full caused by thermal expansion coefficient difference, and can also avoid cooler damaged and oil leak. The large capacity design for cooler ensured compressor operate stably. Blow and clean hole reserved by the two sides of cooler are easy for maintenance and repair. Every baffle has special sound-absorbing sponge to reduce noise.

Pipe Connection

All pipes connections is used efficient O-ring seal. Elastic joint with protective cover can effectively reduce and absorb vibration transfer between Air-End and motor. Structure design of radial disassembling and assembling matched with adapter tube achieves centering permanently which brings great convenience to Air-End.

Moisture Separator

Moisture separator with automatic drain. Large capacity and good separation effect.

Thermal Valve and Oil Filter Base

Integrated design for thermal valve and oil filter. Environmental filter material which filtering accuracy over 99.5%. Oil filter base has pressure difference alert function.


Structure of oil and air separator in upper cyclone separation can efficiently enhance pre-separation effect. Humanity design for end cover rotate of air-oil separator can make maintenance more, just fastening bolt and rotate the plant to other side to replace the filter element.

Air Filter

The design with high precision of air filter is used pre-separation structure. Filter element with high capacity and low pressure drop. Reduce the energy consumption of compressor and at meantime ensure the stable operation of compressor under bad working condition efficiently.

Air Inlet Valve

The design with air inlet butterfly valve and modulation valve which have automatic check back and control function can reduce frequency of loading / unloading and impact of system loading efficiently to meet customer need better.


High efficiently motor. F Class insulation, B level temperature rise. Standard configuration with thermistor can ensure circuit stability efficiently.

Controller Panel

Human nature parameters adjusting function on the actual situation of customer. Color large screen with real-time clock and power time display. 19 protective function including motor current detection, generatrix voltage detection and phase sequence detection. 15 per-alert including air filter blocking and oil filter blocking.

Heat Recovery Systems

Options on heat recovery system built-in, the recovery heat can be used for pre-heating of painting, boiler and process, and also can be used providing hot water of employee shower.