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  • Leave policy - no sandwiching of leaves i.e. employees don't have to avail leave on Sunday (weekoff) if they are availing leaves on Saturday and Monday. Compensatory off policy is available for Professional band employees with ceiling of 30 days in a year
  • Employees also can avail 2-hrs short leave twice in a month during the official hours
  • Celebrating diversity & inclusion - Holiday list is prepared zone wise considering & respecting diversity our country offers as different festivals are celebrated in different parts of our country. Plant infrastructure is built in such a way so as to provide enabling environment for specially abled people.
  • Occupational Health Centre is available in both plants for regular health check-ups. Additionally, in house health check ups are organised for employees like dental check up, eye check up, blood check, etc.
  • Special Site allowance for employees deputed at sites, hardship allowance for associates relocating to Sanand region
  • Paid Maternity Leave increased to 6 months at Hitachi Hi-Rel
    On 8th March 2017, being International Women's Day, Hitachi Hi-Rel Management has extended the maternity leave for its women employees from 12 weeks to 26 weeks, which is over six months for the right to early childhood development. As health experts note, it is crucial for mothers to be close to their babies for at least the first 24 months. There couldn't be a better day to announce this change in the Hitachi Hi-Rel Maternity Leave Policy.


Mr. Kapil Bijani - CHRO & President – IT, Human Resources Department

Mr. Kapil Bijani - CHRO & President – IT, Human Resources Department

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