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HHPE considers Human Resource as its most precious resource. As an organization we are committed to match right people at the right place in right time. HHPE’s high calibre work force has a crucial role to play in achieving the challenging goals as set out for organization from time to time. A well structured equal opportunity recruitment policy, smooth on boarding, 3-D induction system (Day-1, Day-45 & Day-90 support to new joinees with Buddy in place) helps in familiarising employee with the organization, their job, the industry, colleagues, HHPE’s systems, processes & policies and help them during their transition in the organisation. This is done to ensure they get ready to contribute to organization as quickly as possible.

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Mr. Kapil Bijani - CHRO & President – IT, Human Resources Department

Mr. Kapil Bijani - CHRO & President – IT, Human Resources Department

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