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At HHPE, learning is kept at the helm of affairs and required growth platforms are given to employees to keep them at competitive edge. Need based Training & Development plan at individual level is developed in a scientific manner with inputs not only from HODs, but also from Apex Education Committee whose members are from top management, Every employee is entitled for 4.5 training mandays including technical, function, behavioural & compliance trainings which leads to their skill development. HHPEan can opt for IJPs for their career development as a part of Job Rotation policy. High end trainings for certain critical special skills sets are conducted at Hitachi Mother Plant at Omika, Japan as well. Recruitments, trainings, performance management system are all linked with competencies required at each level. There are separate programs for High potential employees. Samvruddhi - the higher education policy helps selected employees realise their high end educational aspirations in the field of power electronics with company's sponsorship support.

An organization's competitive strength lies in its people only and therefore grooming high potential people for futuristic roles becomes imperative for successful organizations. In HHPE, Succession Planning & Development has been included as one of the key potential parameters of Senior Management's Competency Matrix to ensure business sustainability & continuity in this VUCA environment. All leaders undergo the process of identifying high potential and high performers in their teams who can be groomed as successors for the key/unique roles. This would not only provide a back-up for critical roles in the organisation but shall also motivate & engage performers as they will see a career path for them in the company.


Mr. Kapil Bijani - CHRO & President – IT, Human Resources Department

Mr. Kapil Bijani - CHRO & President – IT, Human Resources Department

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